Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Program, in Myanmar, 2017

3-4 Septembe

Auditorium, Lacquerware Technology College
Myanmar lacquer techniques including gold leaf (shwei-zawa), and kinma (kanyit) were practiced at Lacquerware Technology College.
3 September, 09:00-12:00 ---“Shwei zawa”
Instructor: Daw Swe Swe Myint, Assistant Lecturer, Lacquerware Technology College
Shwei zawa is a gold leaf layer technique. Orpiment powder mixed with neem resin is drawn on the parts that are not to be gilded. Then, a thin lacquer coating is applied. Next, gold leaf is affixed to the piece. When dry, the piece is washed removing the powder and resin revealing the pattern. A simple shwei zawa technique was made on 125 x 125 mm plates.
ミャンマーで金箔絵のことを”Shwei zawa”といいます。黄色い顔料をインドセンダンの樹液と水で溶き、金箔を載せたくない箇所に描きマスキングし、漆等を薄く刷り込み金箔を貼ります。硬化後、マスキング部分を水で洗い流すことで、文様を浮かび上がらせる技法です。本ワークショップでは125 x 125 mm の黒漆塗り板に行いました。
4 September, 09:00-12:00 ---“Kanyit”
Instructor: U Htay Aung, Lecturer, Lacquerware Technology College
“Kanyit” is an etching technique. First the object is coated with acacia resin, then the pattern is etched on the object. Next, it is coated with colored lacquer. After the lacquer dries, washing the object with water removes the acacia resin and the unwanted color. The color stays only on the etched parts. In this workshop, a simple Kanyit technique was practiced on 125 x 125 mm plates.
“Kanyit”とはミャンマー語で蒟醤のことをいいます。漆塗面にアカシアの樹液を塗っておき、文様を蒟醤刃にて彫り、その上に色漆を塗るか、摺り漆後顔料を蒔き、硬化後、アカシアの樹液とともに彫り部分以外の色漆や顔料を洗い流すことで、彫り部分のみに色を残すことで文様を表す技法です。本ワークショップでは125 x 125 mm の黒漆塗り板に行いました。

Sudents Exchange Event

3 September (14:00~15:00)
Many lacquer arts students from universities and institutes in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Myanmar attended the Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Program. This program was a good opportunity for students to get to know each other, share their love of lacquer arts, and promote friendship for future exchanges.

Study Tour

3-4 September (10:00~15:00)
Visited the Lacquerware Museum, Myanmar lacquerware studios and shops to see their products and the lacquerware making process. 漆芸技術大学内資料館及びバガン地区内漆器工房見学 ミンカバー村、ニューバガン等の複数の漆器工房を見学しました。漆器製作のプロセスや産品を見ることができました。